Territory management made easy

gebiet.org is a free application for territory servants.
With gebiet.org you can draw, create, manage, search and analyze territories.
gebiet.org tries to give the territory servant a quick and easy overview of the congregation territory in order to achieve the goal of thorough processing.

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gebiet.org offers many useful functions to make the work of a territory servant easier. Some examples are briefly described here.

Access from anywhere where there is internet

gebiet.org works on any device with an internet browser. So you can access your data from anywhere. All communication is transmitted securely and encrypted.

Create territories

All territories you create in gebiet.org can also be exported as images with or without a QR code (for accessing a digital territory map), e.g. to print territory maps.

Map view

All territories can be clearly displayed with status information on an interactive map. In this way, an territory can be found quickly and easily to suit the different needs of the publishers.

Organize processes

With filters you can quickly identify all territories that have not been processed for a long time. This way you can make sure that every territory is processed regularly.

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Get an exact overview of your territory at any time.

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Which territories were processed last year? Which territories have not been processed for more than a year? Which territories were covered by the campaign in March/April? Such queries can be done with a few clicks.

Processing methods

If a territory is reported as being processed, you can choose between several methods of processing. In this way, the entire territory can be worked on in a targeted, regular and comprehensive manner with campaigns and, of course, thoroughly.

Overview map

With gebiet.org, you can link all publishers of your congregation to a digital overview map of the congregation area.

Send territories

A new territory is needed quickly, but the publisher is on his way? No problem, the territory is simply sent by e-mail or Whatsapp as a link, and the publisher can continue preaching.


The territory servant is handicapped right now or on vacation? Of course, you can also create other users, such as assistants.

Data import

You can easily import existing data such as lists of publishers in the form of an Excel document.


gebiet.org was developed with a focus on privacy and security. Various measures ensure that only authorized persons have access to the data.

TLS encryption

Data is transmitted encrypted between server and client through the Internet. You can recognize this e.g. by the green https in the address line of your browser.

AES encryption

Personal data, before being stored, is secured with strong AES encryption. This makes it impossible to access the data without the password.


Backups can be created and backed up to your own computer at any time. These backups can be imported again if required.

Request account

You are a territory servant and want to use gebiet.org like 423 other congregations? Then simply fill out the form. Usually you will receive an answer within a few hours. Please also check your spam folder for new messages.

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